Nicole Bournas-Nay, Mentschn Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas, NY, May 26, 2009
"The nine-person cast is, for the most part, strong, with the standouts being Elizabeth Bove as the motherly Irish serving woman ... "

Phoebe Neidl, The Brooklyn Eagle, NY, January 14, 2009
"The Heights Players has opened its three-weekend run of The History Boys, brought vividly to life by an exceptional ensemble ... And watching from the sidelines is the trusty, fact-reverent Mrs. Lintott, played by the commanding Elizabeth Bove, who offers a much needed feminist perspective at the male-dominated school and field of history."

Steven V. Cronin, The Press, Atlantic City, NJ, September 27, 1997
"But it is Elizabeth Bove's portrayal of Body that is the soul of 'A Lovely Sunday.'  ...Bove's Bodey captures both aspects of this well-meaning busybody, who knows that what's good for her is also good for those around her."  (A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur)

Michael Feingold, The Village Voice, September 24, 1996
"...this role, barely more than a messenger service with a scary sense of timing, is turned by Elizabeth Bove into a human being with whom one can empathize.  Combined with her haughty demeanor, the look of wounded dignity in Bove's far more drama than her few lines of dialogue." (Volunteer Man)

Bobby Butts, The Bernardsville News Observer-Tribune, July 1990
"[Anne] Jackson and [Elizabeth] Bove.  The two women magically transported the audience into the poet's soul...Bove was equally in tune with both the individual poems and the overall direction of the production."  (Elizabeth Bishop's Poems - Folded Sunsets performed with Anne Jackson)

Maggi Kramm, St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, November 28, 1988
"Performances by Elizabeth Bove and Nathaniel Fuller -- strike a fresh and sincere chord within this sweetest of holiday tales."

Maggi Kramm, St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, October 18, 1988
"Other standouts in the large cast include...Elizabeth Bove as the elder Werle's current mistress."  (The Wild Duck),

Leah D. Frank, The New York Times, April 10, 1988
"What makes this production unusual is the clean, clear, honest performance delivered by Elizabeth Bove as Anna.... Miss Bove's approach is to keep Anna simple and straightforward....'Anna Christie' is a classic of American drama, and this production is certainly well worth attending, just to watch Eugene O'Neill being interpreted by Elizabeth Bove." (Anna Christie)

Aileen Jacobson, Newsday, April 1, 1988
"But it's really Elizabeth Bove's brooding performance as Anna that lends the production its hypnotic air...she's a large presence, conveying Anna's anger and pain with a great deal of dignity."  (Anna Christie)

Laurie Stone, The Village Voice, June 16, 1987
"...Australian-born Liz Bove fleshes out her role--someone give her a juicy part, quick."  (Kiss the Blarney Stone)

A.M. Price, Palm Beach Jewish World, March 21-27, 1986
"Bove...delivers a skilled performance as the calculating wife who, despite a glacial appearance, can display fiery passion and anger." (Witness for the Prosecution)

Clark Gesner, Heights Press, September 18, 1986
"And Elizabeth Bove was wholly absorbing as the actor's wife, gradually evolving from the pulled-in almost 'non-person' we first meet, as a more is known of her and more is needed from her.  She is a powerful actress." (Country Girl)

Gary Vena, The Eugene O'Neill Newsletter, Winter 1984
"Miss Bove was especially convincing, and her effortless and appealing manner elicited a strong response from the audience.  At the performance I attended, the audience gasped audibly at the news of Martha's death--at once a tribute to O'Neill's inventiveness and to the actress's success in fashioning a character worth caring about." (The First Man)

Nino Pantano, Phoenix, May 12, 1983
"Elizabeth Bove is a talent to watch; her portrayal of Romaine was gripping." (Witness for the Prosecution)

Peter Honchaurk, Show Business, January 4, 1979
"...strong performances are those of Elizabeth Bove and Debbie Novak.  Ms. Bove has taken a rather sketchy character (Mrs. Heyst) and fully fleshed out an inner life in contention with a persona of fanatical belief in her husband's innocence." (Easter)

New York Theatre Review
“Ms. Bove breathes life and sass into the aging matriarch so that we find moments in which we can almost sympathize with the pain that motivates her to be so cruel..."

Arlene McKanic, New York Cool
"Director Cyndy A. Marion and her stellar cast succeed in moving their audience…Elizabeth Bove is fantastic as Mrs. Venable… "

Jay Reisberg
"Elizabeth Bove is superb as Mrs. Venable. Her performance is outstanding and true to the spirit of the play."

Mr. Broadway
"As the cruel lady who will do anything to protect a secret, Elizabeth Bove is nothing short of titanic ..."